Dr Newman has been providing a dedicated Foot and Ankle Surgical service for patients on Sydney's North Shore and in the NorthWest for over 23 years.

Dr A Scott Newman - Sydney Foot & Ankle Surgeon

Dr Newman's Approach

"No matter what your foot or ankle problem, whether large or small, I will endeavour to help you with its management. Although I am a surgeon, I will view your concerns through the lens of a foot and ankle “doctor”, rather than simply a proceduralist, and explore with you all the relevant treatment options, whether these be non-operative or operative."

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All treatments are tailored to match individual concerns and expectations, and surgical management should usually only be considered when other less-invasive measures have proven unsuccessful.

The assessment of your problem will typically consist of listening to your “story”, the history of your condition or the circumstances of your injury, an examination of the affected area, and the analysis of relevant investigations. Your general health, lifestyle, work and general activities, as well as your goals and aspirations, are all important considerations, and will collectively allow a management plan to be formulated.

Some problems are best handled non-surgically, for example when an operation would seem to offer no perceived relative benefit, or perhaps when the surgical disadvantages, such as operative risks and the time-frame for recovery, outweigh the merits of a surgical fix.

The decision-making process in surgery is not always easy and I will help to provide you with all the information you need to arrive at an informed management plan. This is often a team exercise, with input from family, other doctors and allied professionals such as physiotherapists. There is often no “right” or “wrong” answer to a problem, but rather a course of action that bests suits an individual’s needs.

Achieving the best outcome in surgery is always the primary goal. Many factors must be considered and I am focused on careful attention to detail, from the first visit to the Rooms, through the operative process and continuing on through the post-operative and recovery period. This is a collaborative exercise, involving skilled health professionals, including carefully-selected anaesthetists and experienced operating room and ward nursing staff, and physiotherapists.

The latest technology is utilised, which includes engagement with the medical appliance industry and I continually hone and refines my skills while remaining abreast of the latest innovations and developing science, in order to make my practice as evidence-based as possible.

Dr Newman specialises in the treatment of conditions affecting the foot and ankle. His areas of expertise include:

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