Once you have decided to have an operation to address your foot or ankle problem, a number of tasks need to be attended to.

If you have not already been provided with a quote for your operation, this will be issued to you.

You should discuss with Dr Newman’s PA when and where you would like to have your procedure. She will then either hand or mail to you the appropriate hospital admission paperwork. This can be either mailed to to the relevant hospital or hand delivered. In some cases, the admitting hospital will allow you to complete your admission process on-line.

Dr Newman’s office will secure a date for your operation by notifying the hospital directly.

The afternoon before your operation, you should contact the hospital admissions office, on the number provided in your admission paperwork. They will confirm with you exactly when you need to come to the hospital, where you should present, what you should and shouldn’t bring with you and when you should stop eating and drinking on the day of surgery.

You should remember to bring all your relevant imaging, such as X-rays and scans, to the hospital with you. These are often critical for operative planning.

Your feet should be kept clean in the days leading up to your operation. Do not walk outside barefoot during this period.

Let Dr Newman’s office know if you have any type of wound or sore on your leg, in the days before your operation. If you develop a wound infection, your operation may need to be deferred until it has resolved.

Before your operation can proceed you must:

  1. Pay the “Gap” for your operation
  2. Return your signed “Financial Consent” form
  3. Return your signed “Consent for Surgical Treatment” form
On the day of your operation you will present to the Pre-operative area or Day Surgery Unit, where you will meet relevant staff, as well as the anaesthetist. Dr Newman will discuss your operation with you again and answer any questions you may have.

  If you have any other questions on how to prepare for your operation, please contact Dr Newman's rooms

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